Visualization Laboratory Proctors

Meet the Vislab Proctors

TACC employs a staff of UT Austin students to serve as proctors for visitors and tours, and assist with TACC visualization research projects. Their majors vary and the job provides unique experience in teamwork as well as public speaking confidence. Prior experience in visualization is not necessary and interested parties should contact the Vislab manager for more information.

(from left) Justice Warren, Emilie Grace Baillo, Zhuoli Xie, Nathanael Tharps, Jayanth Pandit, and Jared Galindo Hernandez

Emilie Grace Baillo

Hello! My name is Emilie and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at UT Austin. This is my first semester working at the VisLab. I’m interested in applications of computational science and engineering serving underrepresented communities, so I love seeing all of the amazing work that comes through the VisLab. My favorite part of the VisLab is definitely interacting with visitors during events and exploring different fields of computational science research. Outside of the VisLab, I like to cook different cuisines, spend time with my dog, and rep Pi Sigma Pi. I think the VisLab should be on everyone's Austin bucket list, so please feel free to ask us any questions and I hope to see you around soon!

Jared Galindo Hernandez

Hey and welcome to the 'VisLab'! I am currently a second-year Physics major with a nose in anything science- or computer-related. As a proctor here, I, along with colleagues, maintain, utilize, and exhibit the laboratory to and for anybody interested in research from TACC and the technology related with visualizing it. I'm interested in using the lab's hardware and software in order to visualize data from anywhere like biology to astronomy for a curious and passionate community.

Jayanth Pandit

I am a freshman in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Math. This is my first year at the VisLab, and I am interested in AI and Cybersecurity for applications in social impact and entrepreneurship. I want to explore more applications of artificial intelligence in visualization research and technology. My favorite part of the VisLab is all the cool projects we can make to show off on Stallion and Lasso! Outside of that, I love to play ping pong or eat Taco Bell. I am always happy to help so please reach out if you have any questions!

Nathanael Tharps

Hello there! My name is Nathanael Tharps. This is my 3rd year working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant/Proctor in the Vislab. I am currently a senior at UT Austin pursuing a major in Social Work at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work. Additionally, a working certificate in Social Inequality Health and Policy. I work with the Education and Outreach (E&O) team by creating educational tiktoks, shorts, and reels. When I am not in the VisLab my academic focuses revolve around examining black trauma within the community and the healing process. Some of my research delves into various societal determinants, which significantly break the cycle of intergenerational trauma among black individuals. My ultimate goal is to contribute valuable, up-to-date research on the black population, thereby enhancing the knowledge base for policies that profoundly impact their community.

Justice Warren

A fourth-year computer science student with an interest in STEM education and resource design. Beyond the realm of coding, I like to sew and draw portraits in my free-time while watching old cartoon reboots or game playthroughs. My dream job is to one day work in outreach, especially for programs or summer camps that work with underserved students in STEM.

Zhuoli Xie

Hi! I am a current second-year computer science major at UT Austin. A native of Guangzhou China, I first developed interest in technology through competitive programming, branching off to a variety of disciplines that go on to be blended through my work at the visualization lab. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, hiking around Austin, and playing badminton.