TACC Training Registration

Intro to Linux (Webinar)
June 26, 2024

This training is virtual only from 12:30PM CST - 2:30PM CST.

This workshop will be an introduction into Linux, basic concepts. The material is geared towards domain scientists operating in a unix hpc environment with a shared filesystem. Topics covered include file system navigation, interaction, and other day to day basic linux operations. It is recommended to follow along on your own TACC account during this workshop. Prior to the workshop we request that attendees come prepared with a laptop, active TACC account, and a functioning mfa pairing for their account.


Per our policy, attendees must have an active TACC account to participate in training activities on TACC resources.

To verify that your login information for an existing account is current and that your account is active, or to create a TACC account, please visit https://accounts.tacc.utexas.edu/ at least one week prior to the start of the training to ensure that TACC staff can review and approve your account request.

*If you are creating a new TACC account, we recommend that you use your institution email address (e.g. name@utexas.edu) for prompt account approval and verification.