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HPC @ TACC | November 1-2, 2023

This training is virtual / webinar from 10AM CST - 4PM CST.

Introduction to parallel computing

  • Introduction and motivation to parallel computing, which includes an introductory lab on TACC resources
  • Edit and compile code, submit jobs to the queue

MPI: beginner and intermediate

  • Basic concepts of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library for large scale parallel programming
  • Interactive combination of lectures and code walk-throughs

HPC tools

  • HPC tools specifically designed for complex user environments (Lmod, Sanity Tool)
  • Tools for workflow management (ibrun, launcher, launcher-GPU, Pylauncher)
  • Tools for job monitoring and profiling (Remora, TACC-Stat, core_usage, amask)
  • Other tools per particpant interest

MPI with containers

  • In this hands-on tutorial, we will explore methods for running containers on HPC systems including advanced tasks like utilizing GPUs for computation and MPI for parallel jobs
  • Docker to perform multi-stage and multi-architecture builds

Per our policy, attendees must have an active TACC account to participate in training activities on TACC resources.

To verify that your login information for an existing account is current and that your account is active, or to create a TACC account, please visit https://accounts.tacc.utexas.edu/ at least one week prior to the start of the training to ensure that TACC staff can review and approve your account request.

*If you are creating a new TACC account, we recommend that you use your institution email address (e.g. name@utexas.edu) for prompt account approval and verification.

Training Registration

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This session will be capped at 50 attendees. Remaining registrants will be added to the waitlist. A TACC staff member will email you regarding your acceptance within one week of submission.