Getting Started

TACC offers access to a variety of computing resources and consulting services.

TACC provides access to resources capable of high performance computing, visualization, and large scale data analysis. We also offer multiple storage solutions that enable users to store and access data for research and modeling. Cloud and portal services further increase the ways in which users can interact with TACC and advance their work.

Every day, TACC staff work with hundreds of researchers enabling them to develop new medicine, explore renewable energy sources, and visualize astronomical phenomena. But TACC isn’t just for scientists and engineers, TACC resources are used by industry partners, humanities scholars, K-12 educators, and more.

TACC aims to provide the best computing experience possible for all levels of users and all fields of research.


Create an Account

Fill out the account request form on the TACC Account Management Portal and it will be reviewed by our User Services team.

Faculty, professional research staff, and postdoctoral researchers may request Principle Investigator (PI) eligibility for their account. PIs are responsible for requesting resource allocations and managing their team.

Graduate and undergraduate students can create an account, but must be added to allocations by PIs to use a resource.

Create Account

Request Allocations

To access a resource, PIs must request an allocation.

Browse the System List, Allocations, and Software List to help determine which resource and allocation fits your research.

The TACC Resource Allocation System (TxRAS) is for researchers from UT Austin, UT System and TACC Partner Institutions to request allocations. ACCESS is for all other US academic researchers. To access Frontera, please read the Frontera Allocations Guidelines.


Learn How to Use Our Resources

TACC offers a variety of ways to learn how to use our resources.

Attend a Training led by our staff to learn everything from basic concepts to specialized skills.

Watch recordings of previous trainings.

Read documentation to familiarize yourself with various aspects of TACC resources.


Work With Our Team

TACC isn’t just machines, it’s people and services too. Here are some of the consulting services we offer our users.

Consulting Services

Connect with a specialist to get advice on your research by contacting our support team. Submit a ticket and we’ll investigate your issue.

Support hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Submit Ticket

Protected Data Services

Let us reduce your workload and help you satisfy common security control requirements. TACC has developed an extensive compliance program to assist PIs and research groups faced with the prospect of conducting research using protected data.

> Learn more about Protected Data Services

STEM Evaluation Services

TACC has extensive experience designing and conducting STEM education-related research and evaluations. We've supported a wide variety of clients, including PreK-12 school systems, higher education, non-profit organizations, corporations, and government agencies.

> Learn more about STEM Evaluation Services