Celebrating 20 Years at TACC

On June 1, 2001, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, or TACC, at The University of Texas at Austin began its journey to becoming one of the leading academic supercomputing centers in the world. We're grateful for the opportunity to provide scientists with the technologies and expertise they need to make discoveries that change the world.

Left to right: Dan Jaffe, Sharon Wood, Jay Hartzell, UT Austin; Michael Dell, Dell Technologies; Dan Stanzione, TACC

Twenty years ago, UT made a big bet on TACC and supercomputing. It's an investment that's paid off handsomely. And, given the proliferation of data science, AI and machine learning across fields and throughout society, there's no limit to TACC's impact over the next twenty years.

Jay Hartzell

President, The University of Texas at Austin

Supercomputing has become essential to research across all of science, engineering, and medicine. TACC has not only grown tremendously in its computing capabilities, but also as a research supporter and partner for the many investigators from around the world who use it. I am eager to see what the coming improvements in the machines and the TACC ecosystem will bring in the way of new discoveries and even more impactful contributions to society.

Dan Jaffe

Vice President for Research, The University of Texas at Austin

At Dell Technologies, we are incredibly proud to stand alongside UT and TACC as we continue to set the bar for high performance computing.

Michael Dell

Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies

TACC's resources have been of extraordinary service to science, ranging from its contribution of resources to the COVID-19 HPC consortium, to its cultivation of new talent through the Frontera Computational Science Fellowships.

Margaret Martonosi

NSF Assistant Director for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE)

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