Multi-touch Display

Lasso is a multi-touch display in TACC's Visualization Laboratory. At a resolution of 12.4 megapixels (5760x2160), the tiled-display consists of (6) 46" monitors in a 3x2 grid configuration and is driven by a single node using AMD Eyefinity technology. The display's most prominent feature is the PQ Labs 32-point multi-touch infrared perimeter, allowing seamless multi-touch across the display surface. Lasso is also augmented with a Microsoft Kinect for touch-less interaction.

System Specifications

Operating System OS Windows 8.1 SP1, CentOS 6
Resolution 12.4 megapixels (5760x2160)
Number of Monitors (6) 46" monitors
Graphics Card AMD FirePro V9800 with 4GB texture memory
Multi-Touch Characteristics 32 simultaneous touch points, 5mm precision, 60Hz update rate, infrared detection with PQ Labs Overlay

Lasso White Paper

For more information about development, read Lasso's White Paper: Integrating Multi-touch in High-Resolution Display Environments

Lasso White Paper