Self-Service Cloud System

Jetstream2 is the first user-friendly, scalable cloud environment for ACCESS. The system enables researchers working at the "long tail of science" and the creation of customized virtual machines and computing architectures. It has a web-based user interface integrated with ACCESS via Globus Auth. The architecture is derived from the team's collective experience with CyVerse Atmosphere and OpenStack. The system also fosters reproducible, sharable computing with geographically isolated clouds located at Indiana University and TACC.

Funded Partners: Indiana University, TACC, University of Arizona/iPlant, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Penn State, UT San Antonio

Vendor Partners: Dell, Inktank, Adaptive Computing

System Specifications

Each cloud provider has:

  • 320 nodes
  • 7680 cores
  • 40 TB RAM
  • 640 TB local disk
  • 960 TB block storage

User Guide

Access full documentation on system architecture, software, new & advanced user information, best practices, and troubleshooting.

Jetstream User Guide

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