High Performance Storage and Data Management

Corral leads the way in the preservation and sharing of data for researchers. Deployed in 2009, Corral supports data-centric science at The University of Texas at Austin, and throughout the U.S. This storage and data management resource is designed and optimized to support large-scale collections and a collaborative research environment.

The primary Corral storage resource is a set of six IBM Elastic Storage System arrays, providing approximately 40 petabytes of storage and capable of supporting over 5 billion files with a Spectrum Scale/GPFS file system. This resource is connected to the TACC core network and the wider internet at a speed of 100 Gigabits/second, and is accessible from any cluster system or Virtual Machine at TACC, as well as through a variety of specialized data access services such as iRODS, S3 and HTTPS. Secondary storage for disaster-recovery purposes is provided by an IBM LTFS tape library and a smaller front-end Elastic Storage System array, located in a separate datacenter operated by TACC.

Corral also provides a separate, fully encrypted storage area supporting TACCs secure data storage service. This service provides encryption-at-rest, secure data deletion, refined access controls and other data protection features necessary to comply with special legislation and/or commercial access restriction.

In partnership with Dell and Data Direct Networks.

System Specifications

Corral is TACC's primary data-management and storage resource for supporting the creation and curation of research data collections.

Host Name
Total Disk 40 Petabytes raw capacity at each site
Performance 100 Gigabits/second
File System GPFS, support for > 5 Billion files

User Guide

Access full documentation on system architecture, software, new & advanced user information, best practices, and troubleshooting.

Corral User Guide