REsource MOnitoring for Remote Applications (REMORA)


REMORA (REsource MOnitoring for Remote Applications) provides a simple interface to gather important system utilization data while running on HPC systems.


Knowing about the requirements of HPC applications is a common question that users of high performance systems ask often. However, answering this question requires the collaboration of administrators and sometimes the answer does not contain the amount of detail that users demand. This work introduces a new user space resource monitoring tool, REMORA, that provides a brief text report and post-processing tools to analyze the very detailed records taken during an application run.

Users can configure the tool to achieve the amount of detail that they want and perform the analysis of the results at any point in time. REMORA helps users achieving a better understanding of their applications by providing a high level profile of their executions and users can take advantage of that information to improve their codes.


Remora is currently used on all TACC systems and is available to all users and system administrators.


Si Liu
Research Associate, High Performance Computing


Carlos Rosales, Antonio Gómez-Iglesias,Andrew Predoehl, "Remora: a resource monitoring tool for everyone." HUST '15 Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools,Article No. 3. November 2015.