Data Management & Collections (DMC)


Established in 2008, the DMC group works to meet the needs of faculty and researchers for data collection services, and to contribute to the potential of data-driven research to make discoveries. The group builds and maintains large data-management and storage resources and consults with collections' creators in all aspects of the data lifecycle, from creation to long-term preservation and access. The DMC group actively seeks out research and grant proposal collaborations with researchers and institutions with collections of interest.

DMC Group consulting services and TACC Storage resources of up to 5TB of data are available to researchers at The University of Texas at Austin free of charge. Researchers with collections larger than 5TB and those at other institutions are encouraged to contact us to discuss their needs.


Chris Jordan
Manager, Data Management & Collections Group

David Walling
Software Developer

Tomislav Urban
Senior Software Developer

Maria Esteva
Research Associate/Data Archivist