DisplayCluster is a software environment for interactively driving large-scale tiled displays. The software allows users to interactively view media such as high-resolution imagery and video, as well as stream content from remote sources such as laptops / desktops or high-performance remote visualization machines. Many users can simultaneously interact with DisplayCluster with devices such as joysticks or touch-enabled devices such as the iPhone / iPad / iTouch or Android devices. Additionally, a Python scripting interface is provided to automate interaction with DisplayCluster.

DisplayCluster currently drives Stallion, the world's highest resolution tiled display.

DisplayCluster Features

  • Cross-platform. DisplayCluster works in both Linux and Mac OSX environments.
  • Media viewing. View video content and high-resolution imagery (up to gigapixels in size).
  • Pixel streaming. Stream desktops or applications from remote sources to the display.
  • Interaction. Multiple users can interact with the display using devices such as:
    • Joysticks
    • Gamepad controllers
    • Touch-enabled devices: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android devices
  • Scriptability. DisplayCluster is fully scriptable via a Python API.

The DisplayCluster software is available for download on GitHub. DisplayCluster is free software issued by the University of Texas at Austin under the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.