Plasmonic Metasurfaces

Science Behind the Image

Graphene moiré metasurfaces are a new type of atomically thin metasurfaces. Consisting of a large number of graphene nanostructures of variable shapes and sizes in quasiperiodic arrays, the graphene moiré metasurfaces exhibit multiple resonance modes in mid-infrared regime. The tunable graphene moiré metasurfaces are fabricated by cost-effective and scalable moiré nanosphere lithography.

Visualization Behind the Image

Image was created as a submission for a journal cover of Advanced Optical Materials (it was selected as the inside cover) and was created to show moire pattern etching in graphene as well as highlight the hex graphene structure. Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create the composite.



Jo Wozniak

UT Austin

Zilong Wu
Wei Liv
Maruthi Nagavalli Yogeesh
Seungyong Jung
Alvin Lynghi Lee
Kyle McNicholas
Andrew Briggs
Seth R. Bank
Mikhail A. Belkin
Deji Akinwande
Yuebing Zheng