Liquid K–Na Alloy Anode Enables Dendrite‐Free Potassium Batteries

Science Behind the Image

Schematic of making solid‐metal anodes into liquid‐alloy anode to suppress dendrite formation. Dendrites form on Na or K solid surface on charge and grow across the separator to the cathode to give an internal short‐circuit. In contrast, the mixing of Na and K results in a room‐temperature K–Na liquid alloy which allows a dendrite‐free large‐capacity battery. The immiscibility of the liquid K–Na in liquid organic electrolytes offers the possibility of a liquid–liquid anode–electrolyte interface. The three layers top‐to‐bottom represent cathode, electrolyte, and anode.



Jo Wozniak

Leigang Xue
Hongcai Gao
Weidong Zhou
Sen Xin
Kyusung Park
Yutao Li
John B. Goodenough