H1N1 Epidemic

Science Behind the Image

The image shows a visualization of the H1N1 (swine flu) epidemic spreading throughout North America. In this test case, the epidemic begins in Mexico City. The visualization classifies individuals into three groups: susceptible (blue), infected (red), and recovered (green). Available antivirals are shown in purple. Cities and transportation links are highlighted in red to indicate large numbers of infected individuals and infectious travelers.

Visualization Behind the Image

A custom OpenGL application was developed that combines geospatial data with epidemic simulations computed on TACC's Lonestar supercomputer to produce time-series visualization of epidemic spread across North America. Users are able to interactively explore the simulations in real-time, visualizing overall epidemic spread or focusing on spread from a single city.



Greg P. Johnson

Integrative Biology, UT Austin

Lauren Meyers
Ned Dimitrov
Sebastian Goll