Graphene and Electronics and Thermal Management

Science Behind the Image

When graphene is placed on an amorphous substrate like SiO2, thermal conductivity of graphene is strongly suppressed. In this work, the researchers measured how thermal conductivity depends on the number of graphene layers stacked on top of each other. They developed a theoretical model, and found that phonons in graphene hit the graphene-SiO2 interface, and interaction of phonons with interface is the major reason for thickness-dependent thermal conductivity of graphene samples. The result is relevant for the application of graphene for electronics, thermal management, and other applications.

Visualization Behind the Image

TACC staff created the scientific illustration in Maya.



Jo Wozniak
Greg Foss

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Texas Materials Institute, UT Austin

Mir Mohammad Sadeghia
Insun Joa
Li Shi

Stanford University

Eric Pop