STAR Industry Program

The Science and Technology Affiliates for Research (STAR) program promotes the exchange of ideas between industry and academia.

TACC supports industrial research and development through the STAR program. The program provides participants with supercomputing time, technical support, visualization resources, and one-on-one training, allowing companies to make better business decisions.

About Membership

The STAR program delivers exceptional value to its members by lowering the barriers for effective use of TACC's advanced computing resources and services.

TACC offers unique and valuable expertise in the field of advanced computing, with expert staff who conduct groundbreaking research in high performance computing, scientific visualization and data analysis, distributed and collaborative computing, and high bandwidth networking. This depth and breadth of experience provides the foundation for building strong relationships that result in enhanced R&D programs for the participant.

Membership requires a minimum one-year commitment.

Connect with TACC’s Industrial Programs Office

TACC invites companies at all levels to collaborate in advancing innovation and competitiveness through high performance computing.



STAR membership provides access to TACC’s systems, as well as the center’s expertise, software and tools, and publications and reports. Additionally, members may choose to work with well-trained undergraduate and graduate students, who can go on to internships and even employment at your organization.

Individuals and organizations inexperienced in advanced computing can work with TACC to develop the knowledge and skills required for active, constructive participation.

Technology companies benefit from collaborating with TACC to develop and evaluate prototypes of hardware & software, leveraging TACC's systems and expertise for better exploration of users' needs.

Annual STAR Workshop

Participation in the annual STAR Member Workshop in the fall, which promotes information sharing and knowledge transfer between TACC and STAR affiliates, and among the affiliates themselves.

Quarterly Working Sessions

TACC staff and STAR partner representatives will share information on recent challenges, solutions, and lessons learned on a variety of topics.

Monthly Training Sessions

Classes allow members to upgrade and develop new skills in high-end computing, scientific visualization and data analysis, code optimization, and distributed and collaborative computing.

Expanded Benefits

TACC works with STAR members to tailor the program to their unique needs and goals. Small firms and start-ups may be invited to join at a reduced rate. For sponsored research projects, additional fees are determined by the combination of optional components negotiated by the participant, on a case-by-case basis. Membership fees are charged for annual participation in the program, based on date of entry, and may be adjusted as TACC upgrades its systems and software.

STAR in the News

Slick AI

Detecting oil seepage on the water's surface with Frontera

Current STAR Partners

TACC is pleased to work with the following Science & Technology partners through the STAR program.

  • Aramco Services Company
  • AMD
  • Balex
  • BP
  • Chevron Energy Technology Corporation
  • DataDirect Networks
  • Dell Inc.
  • Ellexus
  • EP Analytics
  • Exxon
  • Facebook
  • Firefly Space Systems
  • Green Revolution Cooling
  • HPE
  • Intel
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Pavilion Data
  • Rockport Networks
  • Quantum Corporation
  • Raytheon
  • SandBox Semiconductor
  • Shell
  • Spire Global
  • Synthetik Applied Technologies
  • Technip
  • TerminalLabs
  • TGS
  • Wolfram
Underwater features of the Prelude floating natural gas facility, stationed off the coast of Australia, were modeled by researchers from TechnipFMC Genesis using TACC’s Frontera supercomputer.

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