Frontera Texascale Days - June 2024

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      Texascale Days allows participating researchers the space and time to compute some of their biggest data and consult with our experts on benchmarking and optimizations. During this event, we reserve Frontera for large scale runs using half of the system (3500 - 4096 nodes) or the full system (7000 - 8192 nodes) for participants.

      This year, the event begins June 12th, 2024.

      Want to Participate?

      To be eligible to participate in Texascale Days June 2024, your large scale workflow must have already successfully run on at least 2,048 nodes in the "large" queue on Frontera.

      For access to the Frontera "large" queue, please submit a ticket with scaling data.

      To request to participate, please fill out and submit the application below by 5:00 PM CDT May 31st.

      On Wednesday, June 12th, two hour blocks will be available for large-scale benchmarking efforts.

      Beginning Thursday June 13th, Frontera will be reserved for Texascale Days production runs. On these days, each project will have dedicated access to the number of nodes requested for a 24 hour period starting at 10:00 CDT.