Upcoming Trainings at TACC

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      Registration for upcoming trainings at TACC is now open. Each event provides time on TACC resources alongside TACC's experts to explore new concepts, and develop your skills and research. 

      Webinar: From Project Allocation to Job Submission: Your First Steps at TACC 
      May 7, 2024 | 10AM – 12PM CST 
      This training will provide an overview of essential tasks related to utilizing TACC resources effectively, including: 
       - the process of requesting an allocation - connecting to the machines 
      - transferring files to and from the system - utilizing an idev session for interactive work 
      - managing modules 
      Learn more and register: https://tacc.utexas.edu/use-tacc/training/2024/project-allocation-to-job-submission/ 

      Webinar: Version Control with Git + CI/CD with GitHub Actions 
      May 13, 2024 | 1PM – 4PM CST 
      This workshop will cover the essentials of Git, GitHub, and GitHub Actions. The content is tailored to domain scientists wanting to work collaboratively on code and add automation to certain parts of their workflows. Topics covered include:  
      - version control basics with Git 
      - hosting a repository on GitHub 
      - working collaboratively with others 
      - using GitHub Actions for automation and continuous integration / continuous deployment 
      Learn more and register: https://tacc.utexas.edu/use-tacc/training/2024/version-control-with-git/ 

      High Performance Computing and Scientific Visualization Institute 
      On site at TACC 
      Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12, 2024  |  9AM – 4PM CST 
      - MPI, CUDA, OpenMP, and other HPC topics 
      - Hands-on labs using TACC resources 
      - Connect with HPC experts to discuss algorithms, implementations, and programming models 
      - Exploration of techniques using the parallel visualization package Paraview 
      Learn more and register: https://cvent.utexas.edu/29NlZ5 

      Machine Learning Institute 
      On site at TACC 
      Monday, July 15 - Friday, July 19, 2024  |  9AM – 4PM CST 
      - Fundamentals and theory of AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques with Python libraries 
      - AI, machine learning and deep learning workflows at scale on HPC systems 
      - Advanced topics including Large Language Models, Reinforcement Learning 
      - Advanced visualization for AI 
      Learn more and register: https://cvent.utexas.edu/KBDWll 

      Please visit TACC's training page: https://tacc.utexas.edu/use-tacc/training/