REGISTER: Upcoming Trainings at TACC!

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      Register now for the following upcoming trainings at TACC:

      CMake with Victor Eijkhout 
      Friday April 12, 2024  |  9AM – 12PM CST 
      This tutorial will be on site only at TACC:
      Texas Advanced Computing Center Advanced Computing Building (ACB) 
      J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Building 205 
      10100 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78758 . 
      CMake is a build system for packages -- applications and libraries -- written in C++, C, or Fortran. It is also the basis of an eco-system, making it possible for one package to find another, and incorporate it. This short course covers CMake in three increasingly sophisticated stages: 
      Help! This software uses CMake! 
      Help! I want to write my own CMake configuration! 
      Help! I want other people to use my CMake package! 
      Participants will need to arrive with: laptop with Unix shell, recent version of CMake, compiler.  Register here: 
      Parking information will be sent prior to the event date.  

      Webinar: Version Control with Git + CI/CD with GitHub Actions 
      Monday May 13, 2024  |  1PM – 4PM CST
      (virtual only)
      This workshop will cover the essentials of Git, GitHub, and GitHub Actions. The content is tailored to domain scientists wanting to work collaboratively on code and add automation to certain parts of their workflows. Topics covered include version control basics with Git, hosting a repository on GitHub, working collaboratively with others, and using GitHub Actions for automation and continuous integration / continuous deployment.Hands-on participation is encouraged. Attendees will benefit the most if they are prepared with a laptop and access to the Git CLI, a GitHub account, and a Docker Hub account. 
      Register here: