Upcoming Trainings at TACC

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      Upcoming at TACC: 

      From Project Allocation to Job Submission: Your First Steps at TACC 
      March 5, 2024 | 11:00AM – 12:00PM CST 
      virtual / online only 
      This training will provide an overview of essential tasks related to utilizing TACC resources effectively, including: 
      - the process of requesting an allocation 
      - connecting to the machines 
      - transferring files to and from the system 
      - utilizing an idev session for interactive work 
      - managing modules 
      - understanding Slurm job submission files 
      - executing basic job management tasks (e.g. job submission, cancellation, and monitoring) 
      Register here: https://tacc.utexas.edu/use-tacc/training/2024/from-project-allocation-to-job-submission/ 
      Maximum 30 attendees; registrants will be notified within one week of registration. 

      CMake with Victor Eijkhout 
      Friday April 12 | 9:00AM – 12:00PM CST 
      On site at TACC Advanced Computing Building 
      This tutorial covers CMake in three increasingly sophisticated stages: using CMake, creating packages, and sharing packages with CMake users. 
      Register here: https://tacc.utexas.edu/use-tacc/training/2024/cmake/ 
      Maximum 30 attendees; registrants will be notified within one week of registration. 

      Per our policy, attendees must have an active TACC account to participate in training activities on TACC resources. To verify your login information and ensure your account is active, or to create a TACC account* please visit https://accounts.tacc.utexas.edu/ at least one week prior to the start of the training. *If you are creating a new TACC account, we recommend using your institution email address (e.g. name@utexas.edu) for prompt verification and approval.