Lonestar6 Scratch Cleanup 1/10/23

  • Published: 
      Lonestar6 scratch file system usage has steadily increased over the production life of the system and has now reached thresholds for active maintenance (near 90%).

      We request that all users remove any unused, old, and duplicate data from their scratch directory as soon as possible. We would also like to remind users to read the policies on /scratch usage in the user guide and keep in mind that offering filesystems with no quotas will always require active clean-up. We're hoping for assistance from the Ls6 user community with that clean-up.
      If a significant reduction of data is not observed over the coming days, we will proceed to remove old data on behalf of users. Please also note that actively attempting to avoid the purge processes is behavior that will be monitored for, is extremely unfair on other Ls6 users, and will result in account suspension.
      We thank you in advance for your understanding and thank you to all users who are pro-actively managing their data usage.

      Please submit any questions you may have via the TACC User Portal.