Scientific Supercomputing and AI

SC23 podcast with Dan Stanzione, Executive Director of TACC / Associate Vice President for Research, UT Austin

    Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, TACC / Associate Vice President for Research, The University of Texas at Austin

    The Supersized Science podcast features research and discoveries nationwide enabled by advanced computing technologies and expertise at the Texas Advanced Computing Center of The University of Texas at Austin. TACC science writer Jorge Salazar hosts a special podcast for the supercomputing conference SC23 in Denver, Colorado.

    The popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed in 2023, thanks in large part to ChatGPT, which has created a Sputnik moment for AI, and has grabbed public attention, headlines, and funding.

    What’s less known is that decades of scientific supercomputing and high performance computing laid the foundation for AI's moment. And now science codes have good reason to adapt and follow the technological trends AI leaves in its wake.

    On the podcast to discuss scientific HPC and AI is Dan Stanzione, executive director of TACC and project investigator of TACC’s largest supercomputers, Frontera, Stampede3, Lonestar6, and now Vista, TACC’s newest AI-focused system.

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