Welcome to the New TACC Website

Learn about the redesign and where to find what you need.


    TACC’s website and user portal have been redesigned and unified into a single site. All user interfaces have been rebuilt to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. We’ve also consolidated technical documentation in a new subsite that can be accessed through the Use TACC dropdown menu in our main navigation.

    We've highlighted some of the major changes below to help with the transition.

    TACC User Portal

    The login for the TACC User Portal (TUP) is located at the top right of the navigation bar. Your TACC credentials remain the same in the new portal.

    Once logged in, you can access your TUP Dashboard. Here you will see a snapshot of your current projects, tickets, and other pertinent information about the machine.

    You can view each of these topics in more detail by going to the side bar and selecting Projects & Allocations, Tickets, or Manage Account.

    Projects & Allocations will show you details about both active and inactive and allow you to see your SU usage. Additionally, you can submit a new project request by clicking the New Project button.

    Selecting Manage Account will provide you with links to manage your personal information and device pairings.

    Clicking on one of these options will require you to re-confirm your identity with a secondary log in, after which you will be able to modify your associated account information.

    Visitors to the new unified site have access to both TUP and the rest of TACC’s website, including system and software information, the pages for the various groups and projects around the center, and our news feed.

    You can navigate back to TUP at any time from the upper right side of the navigation where you see your username.


    With the new site, we are also launching a new format for our documentation. You can find it under the Use TACC dropdown menu or going directly to docs.tacc.utexas.edu.

    From the documentation site, you will be able to see Resource Guides for each machine and for a variety of software packages. There is also a section of tutorials that address common situations you may encounter on the machines.


    Within the ‘Use TACC’ dropdown, we offer several services including research support and educational training.

    We detail these services as well as other quick start information about TACC on the Getting Started page.

    If you have any questions about the new user experience on the TACC website, please submit a ticket.