REU Alumni

Project Archive for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Alumni

2022 Cohort

Brandon Bayquen
Computer Science — City College of San Francisco | Using Kinematic Analysis to Enhance Treatment of Brain Disorders

Ani Savk
Chemical Engineering — University of Texas at Austin | Predicting B. pertussis sRNA Pathways using Sequence and Structure Homology Searching

Frieda Farias
Computer Science, Minor: English — Columbia University | Improving the Digital Rocks Portal Data Reuse

Alan Garcia
Computer Science — Austin Community College | Predicting Admission to NICU: Identifying the Causes

Evan Wilcos
General Mathematics — Berea College | Understanding Encryption & SSH Cipher Benchmarking

Vy Diep
Computer Science, Minor: Biology — Middlebury College | Development of an IOS Waste Management Application Using Machine Learning

Christa Tsao
Computer Science — College of Marin | Visualizing San Francisco Underwater in 100 years with VR

Enehi Ameh
Global Management and Psychology (double major) — Earlham College | Youth Homelessness: Researching VR as a Tool for Empathy

Jordan Childs
Economics, Minor: History — The University of Texas at Austin | Time-series Pollution Data in VR

Christine Jones
Management Information Systems, Minor: American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Studies (immersion) — Rochester Institute of Technology | Predicting Baby Health Results

2021 Cohort

Abigail Santiago
Computer Science — Davidson College | Investigating Bias in Resource Allocation for Homelessness/Houselessness Prevention and Intervention

Courtney Smith
Security and Risk Analysis Communications — Pennsylvania State University | COVID-19's Impact on the Increase of Anti-Asian Hate Rhetoric on Twitter in the United States

Roshuna Harris
Chemistry — University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff | Infant & Maternal Mortality and Morbidity: African American/Black and Indigenous Women

Melissa Ignacio
Computer Science — University of California San Diego | An Interactive Exploration of Conductivity in Water Quality using Virtual Reality

Jane Kavounas
Engineering and Mathematics — Swarthmore College | AR: Know where you are, know where you're safe

Melia Okimoto
Environmental Science — Chaminade University of Honolulu | Investigating the Environmental Effects of Tourism in Hawaiʻi

Cailey Filipo
Biochemistry — Chaminade University of Honolulu | The Impact of Flint, Michigan's Lead Water Crisis on Fetal & Child Development

Raul Vides Sarmiento
Electrical and Computer Engineering — University of North Texas | Health Conditions Among Different Incomes Throughout the United States

Marcus Bedeau
Computer Science — Florida International University | Using a Graphic Database for COVID-19 Data Analysis

Antonio Ramos
Computer Science — Pomona College | Using SEIR Model to Analyse Mask Mandate Lift in Austin

Jordan Williams
Computer Science — Grambling State University | U.S. Rental Moratorium: The Likelihood of Having to Leave this House in the Next Two Months Due to Eviction

Ibrohim Nosirov
Computer Science — Colorado School of Mines | Machine Learning-based Framework for Behavior Tracking

Alii Napoleon
Data Science — Chaminade University of Honolulu | The Consumption of Predatory Pelagic Fish and the Incidence of Diabetes in Modern Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians)

Nary Seth
Data Science — Chaminade University of Honolulu | The Effects of COVID-19 in NY & Florida

2020 Cohort

Erin Searcy, Mathematics, Fort Valley State University: Visualizing Police Violence: Illustrating Police Brutality in the United States 1999-2020

Regina-Mae Dominguez, Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Guam: Storytelling with Data: COVID-19's Impact on the Island of Guam

Mariana Duarte, Computer Science, California State University, Monterey Bay: COVID-19: Essential Workers' Exposure

Teague Foster, Computer Science, Central Texas College: Demonstrating the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status, Mobility, Population Density, and COVID-19 Impact

Jakerra Lance, Computing and Information Studies, History, Washington & Jefferson College: Using Virtual Reality As A Tool To Experience History

Zachuary Steed, Computer Science, Minor: Business, Hendrix College: The Viral Bot: A Twitter Takeover

Tyshawn Ferrell, Biology, Albany State University: The Cleavage Potential of Cross-Species TMPRSS2 Variants toward SARS-CoV-2

Carolyn Gonzalez, Computer Programming and Information Systems, Farmingdale State College: Exploring Police Policy and Use of Force

Richard Brown, Computer Information Technology, Broward College: COVID-19 Spread and Areas of High Risk in the United States

Syema Ailia, Computer Science, Minor: Interaction Design, Northeastern Illinois University: Investigation Human Behaviour During COVID-19 by Examining Twitter Data

2019 Cohort

Mohammad Ali, Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas

Zachuary Baptiste, Forensic Science, Chaminade University of Honolulu: A Sense of Place: a Virtual Exploration of Mans Influence on the Natural World

Viviana Castillo, Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin: Impact of Risk Factors on Women‘s Health During Pregnancy

Amy Felix, Computer Science, Colorado State University: Human Context Recognition within Application Development

Javier Gonzalez Martinez, Computer Science, Minor: Web Development, University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo Campus: Exploratory Data Analysis of Protein Occupancy near sRNA genes in Escherichia coli

Javier Guillen, Biology, Minor: Health Physics, Fort Valley State University: Adaptive Sensing: Micro-Controller Meshed Network Implementations

Fidelia Hernandez, Cybersecurity and Forensics, Highline College: Virtual Exploration in a Socially Aware Context: An Exploration of Waller Creek

Samuel Ofori, Mathematics, Fort Valley State University: Permeability of Multiphase FlowThrough a Fractured Porous Medium

AnaPatricia Olvera Medina, Computer Science, Lehman Collge: The Data to Dashboard Framework for Microcontrollers Using the Cloud-Hosted Realtime Data Service

Christopher Rodriguez, Computer Science, California State University, Los Angeles: Modeling Hurricane Storm Surge through ADCIRC

Jennie Youn, Computer Science, Emory University: Virtual Exploration in a Socially Aware Context: The Challenges of Using Geographical Information in Virtual Reality

2016 Cohort

Linda Moise, Virginia Union University:

Joseph Molina, California State University, Monterey Bay:

Keith Waggoner, University of Alabama:

Marvis Cruz, University of Florida:

Fatima Al-Quaiti, St. Mary's University at San Antonio:

Grace M. Rodríguez Gómez, University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus:

James Pippin, Fort Valley State University:

Joshua Matos, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez:

Zeerak Abbas, The University of Texas at Austin:

2015 Cohort

Margaret Arnold, University at Buffalo:

Hayley Silverman, The University of Texas at Austin:

Mercy Grace Browder, Fort Valley State University:

Christopher Jordan Ray, Fort Valley State Universit:

Mark Smith, Carnegie Mellon University:

Luis Prado-Regla, The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley:

Benjamin Gonzalez, California State University, Fullerton:

William Yang, University of Arkansas:

Rida Syeda, College of Staten Island:

Gloria Zavala, DePaul University:

2014 Cohort

Alejandro Rangel, The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley:

Jamila Martin, University of the Virgin Islands:

Brian (Zach) Abel, The University of Texas at Austin:

Sterling Whittemore, The University of Texas at Austin:

John Fitzpatrick, St. Mary's University: