WeTeach_Cyber educates, supports, and promotes cybersecurity education in the K-12 academic arena.

Focused on expanding the cybersecurity workforce pipeline, WeTeach_Cyber provides high-quality, engaging training for K-12 educators, administrators, and counselors. WeTeach_Cyber fulfills this mission by coordinating with school districts, industry partners, and cybersecurity organizations to provide impactful content resources, presentations, workshops, and educator collaboratives. The Expanding Pathways in Computing (EPIC) group at The University of Texas at Austin's Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) serves as the foundational organization for WeTeach_Cyber, a project dedicated to providing cybersecurity education for every student regardless of race, gender, income, or location.

WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative

The WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative is a professional development initiative to build and enhance cybersecurity education in our nation's schools. One of the most important ways to increase the availability of cybersecurity courses in our high schools is to invest in the education of our nation's cybersecurity teachers. The goal of the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative is to increase the number of Texas high school CTE teachers who can effectively prepare students for cybersecurity post-secondary opportunities and careers. This project is part of Lone Star STEM, a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education in partnership with Jobs for the Future. Subscribe to the WeTeach_Cyber newsletter to be notified about opportunities to apply for future cohorts of the WeTeach_Cyber collaborative.

WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative

EPIC Cyber Range

The EPIC Cyber Range (ECR) was developed to support classroom teachers in their efforts to provide a secure environment for students to learn about Linux and Windows operating systems and cybersecurity without the expense of specialized software and system infrastructure costs. TACC's internationally recognized computing expertise and network infrastructure provides the backbone for the EPIC Cyber Range.

Applications for schools to participate in the ECR open each spring.

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CyberStart Texas

CyberStart America is a free, national program that gives students in 9th-12th grade access to the world-renowned CyberStart game. CyberStart is a gamified platform that makes learning cyber security fun through over 200 exciting challenges and puzzles. The platform is perfect for all abilities, as challenges start easy and become more advanced as students progress. In partnership with the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation, the SANS Institute developed a way to identify, train, and certify high school students in one year — without a cyber teacher — through CyberStart America. The Texas CSA Task Force partners with institutes for higher education like the Texas Advanced Computing Center, cyber industry, private sector leaders, and public-school systems in the state. The main goal is to promote CyberStart America through materials and cash prize incentives to high schools, high school students, and districts.

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To support Texas students and schools:

CyberStart America

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