Tabish Khan

Manager, Data Management & Collections
Project & Stakeholder Relationship

Phone: 512-475-9411 | Email:

Mr. Tabish Khan is joining the Texas Advanced Computing Center as the Project and Community Relations Manager to facilitate development of the Texas Disaster Information System (TDIS). With over 10 years of professional experience, he brings a broad range of skills including relationship management for technical industries in the renewable energy sector and a background in planning and strategic management as a former Air Force intelligence officer. Mr. Khan's graduate research at The University of Texas at Austin addressed climate resilience for water resource systems. In his research he developed a reusable analytics framework that he applied to more than 30 counties in Texas. His focus in the TDIS project will be on implementation science approaches for decision support systems.

Current Projects

  • Facilitating development and implementation of the TDIS
  • Developing stakeholder relationships and engagement with the TDIS

Areas of Research

  • Water Supply Resiliency
  • Texas Water Policy