Jung Who Nam

Postdoctoral Fellow
Scientific Visualization

Phone: 737-328-9415 | Email: jnam@tacc.utexas.edu

Jung Who Nam joined the Texas Advanced Computing Center in October 2022. He works on designing and implementing annotated, keyframed story-line visualization and gesture-based interaction frameworks with large-format displays. Before joining the center, he was a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

His research interests include scientific visualization, immersive analytics, and data storytelling. He is particularly interested in novel visualization and interaction methods that support exploration and collaboration around spatial 3D data visualization.

To see some of his work, please go to jungwhonam.github.io/.

Current Projects

  • Collaborative Storytelling in High-end Scientific Visualization
  • Gesture-Based Interaction with Display-Wall Visualization

Areas of Research

  • Scientific Data Visualization
  • Immersive Analytics
  • Data Storytelling