Jason Allison

Senior Program Coordinator
User Services

Phone: 512-475-9238 | Email: jasona@tacc.utexas.edu

I originally started at TACC as a help desk specialist responsible for monitoring the electrical and cooling systems for our HPC systems, and providing system access support to our users. I was promoted to my current position in May 2014.

As a program coordinator, I have organized several in person and webcast training events, configured and deployed online training registration applications, and taught a few introductory lectures on the use of TACC HPC systems. In addition to these training related responsibilities, I also enjoy assisting our users with resource allocation requests and HPC system access support. I also greatly enjoy my role in supporting users on the DesignSafe-CI project.

Prior to TACC, I managed technical support operations for an international RV Resort and Hotel Mesh Wi-Fi Internet provider with over 800 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.