Gladys Chen

Advanced HPC User Support
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Gladys Chen’s pathway into computing began with the Advanced Computing for Social Change (ACSC) program, where she worked with TACC staff to equip students with data analysis and computational skills for social challenges in their communities. Through ACSC, she mentored students on using computational resources and supercomputers to analyze large datasets through data visualizations using the Python and R programming languages. Over the summer, she also served at TACC’s GenCyber Camp as a camp counselor for high school students.

During an internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), she developed introductory High-Performance Computing material to expand the pipeline of foundational HPC skills by developing git tutorials for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Crash Course and research project training material for an Intro to HPC boot camp hosted by Sustainable Horizons Institute and Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

At TACC, she will be providing user support, answering technical questions, supporting training efforts, and assisting with HPC projects.

Selected Publications

Anderson, J. R., Bloom, M. J., Chen, G. Y., Jost, S. R., Keating III, D. P., Lang, A. S., Mankin, N. V., McMahan, E. R., Merheb, J. A., Nelson, P. P., Nnaji, J. C., & Valderrama-Araya, E. F. “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on College Student’s Stress and Physical Activity Levels”. Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal (2022). DOI: 10.18061/bhac.v6i1.8670.

Anderson, J. R., Bloom, M. J., Broshous, W. T., Chen, G. Y., Jost, S. R., Lang, A. S., Lima da Silva Neto, L. C., Mankin, N. V., McMahan, E. R., Merheb, J. A., Nelson, P. P., & Valderrama-Araya, E. F."HEXACO personality factors as predictors of physical activity, resting heart rate, body mass index, and healthy lifestyle behaviors". Current Issues in Personality Psychology (2023). DOI:10.5114/cipp/159157.


  • Association of Computing Machinery
  • Mathematical Association of America