Anne Bowen, Ph.D.

Research Engineering/Scientist
Scalable Vis Technologies

Phone: 512-232-8107 | Email:

Anne joined the Visualization and Data Analysis group at TACC in 2012. She moved to Austin from Switzerland where she completed her Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry at the University of Zurich. Her research focused on the development of visualization and analysis tools for investigating correlations between quantum mechanically derived properties from small molecule drugs and their receptor targets. Prior to her time in Zurich, Anne spent 7 years in San Diego at the San Diego Supercomputer Center working on projects in education, computational chemistry, visualization and scientific computing.

Areas of Research

  • Statistical and machine-learning methods for data classification/mapping/dimensionality reduction.
  • Visualization and representation of properties on molecular surfaces.
  • Utilization of scientific visualization for education and data exploration.