Anagha Jamthe

Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate V
Cloud & Interactive Computing (CIC)

Phone: 512-475-9411 | Email:

Anagha joined the Cloud & Interactive Computing group at Texas Advanced Computing Center in 2017. Prior to joining TACC, she worked as a Software Quality Engineer with Intel, Oregon. She has earned a Doctoral degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Cincinnati (UC), Ohio. While in UC, she worked on various applications of wireless sensor networks including: real time monitoring of patients with neurodegenerative disorders, monitoring college athletes to minimize injuries, securing and optimizing wireless data transmissions for critical medical applications, etc.

Her recent research interests include, enabling researchers to perform breakthrough research by providing high quality science as service and solving real world challenges using high performance computing.

Selected Publications

C. Proctor, M. Packard, A. Jamthe, R. Cardone, J. Stubbs, "Virtualization of the Stampede2 Supercomputer with Applications to HPC in the Cloud", Accepted for publication in Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC-18), July 2018

P. Ambardekar, A. Jamthe, M. Chincholkar, "Predicting defect resolution time using cosine similarity", IEEE International Conference on Data and Software Engineering (ICoDSE), 2017

A. Jamthe, Mishra, and D. P. Agrawal, "Scheduling schemes for Interference Suppression in Healthcare Sensor Networks," IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC), June 2014.

A. Jamthe, and D. P. Agrawal, "Scheduling Transmissions of Coexisting Wireless Body Area Networks Using Minimum Weight Match," in Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks, Springer India, 2014.

A. Jamthe, S. Chakraborty, S. K. Ghosh, and D. P. Agrawal, "Usefulness of Wireless Technology in Medical Applications", Technology and Innovation, Vol. 15, pp. 253–258, 2013 [Online]. Available:

S. Chakraborty, S. K. Ghosh, A. Jamthe, D. P. Agrawal, R. Mangine, A. Colosimo and J. Rauch, "Quantitative Assessment of a Functional Movement Screen in Athletes using a Wireless Body Area Sensor Network", International Congress on Sports Science Research and Support, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, 20- 22 September, 2013

A. Jamthe and D. P. Agrawal, "Approaches for Energy Harvesting and Power Management in Wireless Healthcare Sensor Networks," 5th International Conference on Future Networks,(ICFN 2013), Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 14-15, 2013